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   Introducing the Owl Obscura, a camera designed for explorers of the great outdoors. Lightweight, durable, and hands-free, the Owl Obscura allows one to be as active as they wish and still be able to be constantly documenting their environment. The camera itself has two stereoscopic lenses and a “hood” that is activated by changes in the weather and can automatically cover and provide protection from the elements. 
It is accompanied by two additional pieces; a touch-sensitive glove that controls the shutter, and bluetooth glasses with an array of automatic functions as well as a manual night-mode setting. 

This trio allows for the ultimate hands-free, outdoor photography experience. The glasses include auto-framing and auto-focus lenses, eliminating the need to manually perform these functions with the camera itself. Elongated and flexible temple tips ensure that the glasses will stay secure on one’s face while performing any kind out outdoor activity, no matter how fast-paced or strenuous. All in all, the Owl Obscura is a perfect companion for the photographic outdoorsman.

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