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Her work spans across a variety of mediums and techniques but is often drawn to the subtle abstraction of everyday life. Through her creative practice, Hal seeks to explore themes of alternative realities, often with a touch of psychedelic or otherworldly imagery. Her artistic process and portfolio focuses just as much on traditional "fine art" techniques as it does digital design, throwing away with the preconceived notion that one must choose between the two. 

Hal served as the lead designer for the visual identity of Binghamton University's 2020 BFA Exhibition and was awarded the 2020 Martha Norcross Student Art Show Award for her book, 'Faceless Pranksters'. She is also an experienced freelance painter and logo/branding designer. 

Hal McMahon is a NYC-based Multidisciplinary designer with an extensive background in the fine arts as well as a BFA in Graphic Design. 

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